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About Us

The Everest Youth Football League (EYFL) is a tackle football program for the adolescents in grades six (6) and seven (7), who reside in the D.C. Everest School District.  It is a non-profit corporation, as recognized by both the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Wisconsin.

EYFL has two primary goals.

   1.  To foster character development in the League participants.

   2.  To teach the fundamentals of tackle football.

Athletics and other extra-curricular activities teach many values to carried through life.  Football, in particular, teaches Desire, Dedication, Discipline, Responsibility, Teamwork, Courage, Respect, and Humility.  These qualities, invaluable to anyone, will hopefully also be instilled in those who participate in EYFL.

Football and other extra-curricular activities are also ideal times in life to recognize the need to turn to God (or one’s Higher Power) for help and safety.  This league recognizes that and, as a result, has been formed to stand alone—outside of our secular society (including our pubic school system) which would preclude any mention of God.  The League, will not condone any promoting of ones religion over another, but it will allow coaches and players the freedom to pray together if they so desire, and the League’s pre-game prayer will be read before each week’s games.

A Non-Profit Corporation

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